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The stepped project

This project was a backyard with a lot of potential. It hadn't had anything done to it since the clients moved in and it was in need of a facelift. The clients had a couple of dogs and wanted to be able to enjoy the space and entertain people, have it be on the lower side of maintenance but also loved plants. 

Having the dogs ruled out using grass for the lawn area so we went for artificial grass. The clients had a really nice eye for more modern design inside the house so we took that outside also. Creating a sleek patio using porcelain paving that we broke up with decorative stone. The reasoning for this was not just to add a really nice design element which it did but also we had dug in some dry pits to help with water drainage. 

I felt the step design that we would use in the red cedar fence would look nice copied in the zig zag design on the patio also. The added elements in the multi-size boards in the fence give this project some elevated design. Completed with a floating red cedar bench and a planting of native perennials and grasses.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Sphere on Spiral Stairs
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